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The Neil Group Limited, one of New Zealand’s oldest developers having been in business for over 60 years.

Producing Quality Developments

Raw Land Purchases

As a large property developer in the New Zealand market, The Neil Group Limited is always looking to replace and add to its land holdings with large raw land blocks for future subdivision, throughout New Zealand.

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We have successfully partnered with a number of individuals, families and organisations over the years to complete outright or partial property purchases and joint venture developments, in a way which will help both parties achieve their required financial outcomes.

Should you have a large property which you think may have development potential and would like to discuss either an outright sale or a joint venture development, then please contact us in the first instance to see whether we can be of help.

One of several joint venture developments where we bring both development expertise and funding to projects in return for a share of the proceeds on sale of the finished developments.